Saturday, March 16th


Venue Map

Gilbert Christian High School



The team will play at:

Gilbert Christian High School / PM WAVE
3632 East Jasper Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85296


Play starts at 3:00.  That means the team needs to be ON SITE no later than 2:00 unless otherwise directed by your coach.  There is a Coaches’ meeting at 2:30 and play will start promptly at 3:00!
You will find the format (when the team plays, refs, or is on break) for the day to the right.  Browse through the form to find your team and which court they are on and what time they will play, ref, or have a break.
We are now out of the seeding tournaments and on to the regular bracket play from this point forward.  It is run differently than the normal pool play you are used to.  MOST of the time, the team will be in an 8-team bracket that is snake seeded.  In other words, Seed #1 plays #8, #2 plays #7, #3 plays #6, and #4 plays #5.
If you win the first match you play, you will move to the right of the bracket.  If you lose the first match, you move to the left of the bracket. At the end of the day, whichever teams finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will move up to the next division for the following tournament.  Those that finish 4th or 5th will remain in the same division for the next tournament, and those that finish 6th, 7th, or 8th, will drop to the next lower division for the next tournament.  This is the way the remaining in-season tournaments will be played.  (( The Festival is completely different and does NOT count towards standings and remains a ‘pool-play’ tournament ))
It might be a little confusing so if you have questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. 🙂
PLEASE NOTE some last minute details…
1. NO ALCOHOL is allowed AT ALL
2. NO COOKING / HEATING of any kind (grills, microwaves, crockpots, etc.)
3. ALL facilities are SMOKE FREE (if you smoke, you have to go off location)
3. Players: BRING BOTH JERSEYS!!  (you never know what will happen)
4. Don’t forget socks, shoes, BLACK kneepads, hair ties, etc.
5. NO YELLING at the refs, score table, or line judges!!
6. Most of all…………..  HAVE FUN!!!! 🙂
*** REMEMBER!! *** Absolutely NO FOOD at the scoring table and NO CELL PHONES!  You will be warned only once by the ref, and then you will lose points on your next match. If it happens more than once, you will lose an entire set… Probably something that’s not worth texting your boyfriend over (grin).  Leave your cell phones in your bag AWAY from the table so they are not even a temptation.
TEAM MOMS: Please make sure everyone is in the loop as to what to bring to the team camp.  Make sure you plan for a long, but fun and competitive day!  Let’s have a great start to the season!!  As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to ask.
Take care and good luck!!

Feel the Power…….. FEAR the Power!

Tournament Format

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