Saturday, April 27th


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Hello parents and players! It is bittersweet that I bring to you the final posting of the regular season for your team. The Arizona Regional Championships are THIS SATURDAY and the information is as follows:
The tournament for your team will START at

Court One Athletics
9100 South McKemy Street
Tempe, AZ 85284

The details…
Regional Championships are played completely different than what you have experienced the previous tournaments of the season. They start in the morning and potentially run all day.
  • Play starts promptly at 8:00am if not a little before. As always, there is a coaches meeting at 7:30. Your coach will determine what time to be there so please make sure you are aware and plan accordingly.
  • The morning portion of the day is cross-pool play. There are two divisions in each pool (i.e. A1 and A2), both with three teams each. Once you have played/reffed the first three matches in your pool, 1st place from A1 will play against 1st place in A2 (or whatever your pools are actually called). 2nd place from each Division will play each other, and 3rd will play against 3rd.
  • Once the cross-pool play has completed, the teams will either remain at the same location OR will have to pack up and travel to a second location to finish out the bracket play.
  • The STORM Team is in the 15-Championship Division, Pool D. As such following pool play, here are the locations for the SECOND part of the day (Bracket Play):
      • Gold Division will be played at AZ Region Volleyball Facility (Close to Spiral VBC).
      • Silver, Bronze, and Flight 1 Divisions will be played at Court One Athletics.
      • Flights 2 and 3 Divisions will be played at Aspire VBC.
  • Bracket play will start NO LATER than 2:00pm!
  • Once you are done with the morning pool play and crossover, pack up and go IMMEDIATELY to the next site!  DO NOT STOP FOR LUNCH!!! THEY WILL START WITHOUT YOU!!
  • There is a potential to play as many as 6-7 matches on Saturday so please hydrate well and GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!
  • Once you are done with bracket play, that’s it and sadly, our regular season will be over. 🙁
  • ONE LAST THING!!  It is absolutely imperative that the team DOES NOT LEAVE at the very end of the day until they are officially released by the Site Director!  You may have to stay and ref, play a an additional match to break a tie, whatever the case.  DO NOT LEAVE until the actual Site Director releases you to do so!!
A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT TEAM CAMPS!! –> Since the teams are potentially playing in two different locations, team camps ARE NOT RECOMMENDED since there will be very little time to pack up an entire camp setup before traveling to a second destination.
I highly recommend players bring snacks, food, and drinks in their bags. Team moms can also coordinate food with parents such as pre-made sandwiches for everyone or something similar.
Take care and GOOD LUCK this weekend!! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this weekend or how the the pools and brackets work, please feel free to contact me. SEE YOU ON THE COURTS!
Take care and good luck!!

Feel the Power…….. FEAR the Power!

Tournament Format

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