Saturday, March 7th


Venue Map

AZ Region Volleyball Facility


The team’s tournament is THIS SATURDAY!!


The team will play at:

AZ Region Volleyball Facility
7100 W Erie St
Chandler, AZ 85226

They are playing the AM WAVE!
That means the team needs to be ON SITE no later than 6:30 unless otherwise directed by your coach.  There is a Coaches’ meeting at 7:30 and play will start promptly at 8:00am!
**NOTE – Because we are coming in on the AM Wave and the fact that parking has to be used by TWO venues (AZ Facility and Spiral), parking is going to be HORRENDOUS! Please plan to get there early to find parking!! **
You will find the format (when the team plays, refs, or is on break) for the day to the right.  If you click the sheet, it will open up in a new window which will allow you to download or print it for your own reading pleasure.  You can also find the map of the location in the upper right of this screen.
***PLEASE NOTE*** We are in a FIVE TEAM POOL!  It is one of the least desirable options to be in, but that’s just the way things worked out.  As such, it means we play FOUR MATCHES IN A ROW (yes FOUR, not three) and then the last round we ref between TWO separate courts at the same time.  That basically means there are NO BREAKS for anyone.  It will be a very competitive and a VERY exhausting day.  There will be a single 30 minute break between match 3 and 4, but that’s it.  The remainder of the time we are on the courts!  Please make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, and well fed before we get going in the morning.  The way it’s laid out, we play first thing at 8:00am!
Please don’t forget the rule about Team Camps: “PACK IN, PACK OUT.”  You are required to take ALL items with you when you leave, INCLUDING ALL TRASH.  Absolutely no trash receptacles, dumpsters, or other disposal areas on site are allowed to be used.  You must take it with you and dispose of it elsewhere.
*** REMEMBER!! *** Absolutely NO FOOD at the scoring table and NO CELL PHONES!  You will be warned only once by the ref, and then you will lose points on your next match. If it happens more than once, you will lose an entire set… Probably something that’s not worth texting your boyfriend over (grin).  Leave your cell phones in your bag AWAY from the table so they are not even a temptation.
Take care and GOOD LUCK this weekend!! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this weekend or how the the pools and brackets work, please feel free to contact me. SEE YOU ON THE COURTS!

Feel the Power…….. FEAR the Power!

Tournament Format

(Click to Download)


PLEASE DO NOT FORGET!  Absolutely ZERO food and drink are allowed in the gym besides water.  If you are caught, the team will automatically lose 13 points on their next match!!  The Region is not playing around so please respect this rule!

ALSO: The new ‘trash-in/trash-out’ policy means that ALL (as in EVERYTHING) brought into the camp needs to be taken out.  This includes trash as well.  The venues are NOT responsible for disposing of trash!  Please make sure to bring large trash bags with you and take everything with you when you leave INCLUDING the trash.  Again, this is the responsibility of all teams and their families.  Thanks for understanding and abiding by the new rules.

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