“Ignite the Cure” Tournament

“Festival Fiesta”

Tournament Included!


Regular Season Tournaments!**


End of Season Tournament**

And of course,

all the cool Power Swag!



PLUS Includes:


Flights for Players and Coaches


Hotel Rooms for Players and Coaches


Rental Van Transportation While There


Nice Team Dinner

*For travel teams, fees are estimated and may change depending on travel arrangements, even if paying in full the day of Tryouts.

** Total number of tournaments is estimated until final schedule has been released. Additional tournaments may be added later and may incur an additional cost if the team chooses to participate.

Need to Know / FAQs

The USAV Membership fee of $55 for Junior Players provides you with a one year membership within the USA Volleyball Organization. This does have to be renewed each year before the start of the next Club Season.

The Power Volleyball Club Contract Fee includes participation in an estimated thirteen (13) local tournaments, Festival Fiesta at the Cardinal’s Stadium, as well as the Regional Finals at the end of the season. * For the Travel Teams, it also covers the ESTIMATED costs of travel and lodging as well.

In addition to the tournaments, the fees also include coaches’ salaries, practice rental facilities, administration costs, tournament entry fees, season contracts, and an ‘Apparel Package’ for each player.

No. There is a lot of time and work that goes into running a club as well as a lot of commitment. In addition, there is also a lot of demand for players. We only have a certain number of spots to fill on each team. As a result, once the initial payment has been made and the player has signed a commitment to play for us, they are locked in for the season.

In addition, if a player changes their mind after committing, it leaves the coaches and the club scrambling to fill that spot before the season starts (or even during the season) and that’s not fair to the coaches, the teams or the other players.

If a player chooses to leave or is withdrawn after committing to Power Volleyball, the family is still liable for all season fees, regardless of the reason unless discussed in person with the Club Director and other arrangements are made.

Included in the contract fee is an apparel package. Next Season’s package is being worked on right now!

No player may participate in ANY tryout or club without first having a valid USAV membership. Also, no coach nor parent chaperone may participate in any tournament without first possessing a valid USAV membership and passing a background screening. Therefore, the USAV membership fee must be paid at the time of registering.

As far as the Club Contract Fee is concerned, if your player is offered a position with Power Volleyball Club, a portion of the total fee must be paid at tryouts upon being given the offer and a ‘Commitment to Play’ agreement be signed on the date of tryouts. The remaining amount will be due in an installment plan to be paid each month.

Yes… We DO offer a monthly INSTALLMENT plan. This may be different than what you are thinking.  You are not paying ‘by the month’ for services such as practice time, Coaches’ salaries, etc.  You are paying to secure a spot on a team for the entire season.

Many expenses are front-loaded at the beginning of the season.  While the fees as a whole may be broken up into monthly installments, please understand that you are paying for the entire season in monthly amounts (much like paying off a mattress), and that you are not paying ‘month to month’ for the services you or your daughter are receiving as being part of the Power Volleyball Program.  You may, of course, pay the full amount right up front if you so desire.

While a rare occurrence, there are times when a family might need to withdraw from participating with Power before the season ends.  This could be due to permanent injury, job relocation, or other reasons or circumstances that are out of our control.

With that said, the fees are based on a binding contract that is signed at the beginning of the season.  In addition, the Club itself has financial obligations to fulfill and those obligations are budgeted based on a certain number of players being filled on each team.  When you sign the contract at the beginning of the season, you are committing to Power Volleyball for the entire season, and this also includes the season fees in their entirety.

If a player leaves Power Volleyball for any reason, no refund will be offered for any fees already paid.  In addition, the remainder of the season fees balance for that player are still required to be paid, whether continually on the monthly installments, or as a whole to cover the remainder of the season’s fees.

Remember, you are committing to a spot on a team for the entire season.  The season fees are paid to secure that spot.  It is not a month-to-month service like a gym membership.  If a player leaves, the financial obligation of the contract still remains, regardless of the reason.  The only exception to this would be an arrangement made between a family and the Club Director, should he so choose to make such an arrangement.